Mold Protection


Dry Guy Waterproofing's proprietary formula is the most effective technique for imparting hydrophobicity ( water-repellency ) to a porous surface ( fabric ). If the solid fabric surface has been impregnated with a material which interacts with the surface matrix  ( fabric construction )  so as to lower its surface energy, when liquid water comes in contact with such a fabric surface, it has a tendency to pull itself into water droplets (since the water molecules are more attracted to themselves than to the molecules which make up the treated surface).  Once these water droplets form, they tend to simply run off the treated fabric surface rather than wet into the surface.  One significant advantage of this proprietary formula for the use on Tents, Outdoor Clothing and Gear, is that water vapor can easily migrate outwards through the pore structure of the treated fabric surface, essentially unimpeded while stopping water from entering fabric.  


Dry Guy Waterproofing's proprietary combination of imparting ( water-repellency ) from a porous surface  while  allowing inside water vapor to migrate ( escape ) outwards through the pore structure of the inside surface ( fabric ), protects most porous surfaces  ( fabric ) from hazardous mold and other contaminate growth.



• Resists the growth of mold, protecting contents

• Non- hazardous when next to food items

• No objectionable odor

• Adds or restores water repellency to fabric

• Water based environmentally friendly formula

The Dry Guy

We, like you 16 years ago, demanded a quality waterproofing product for our camping equipment and continued outdoor enjoyment that did not contain aerosols, alcohol, or any other harsh chemicals.We could not find one environmental waterbased product. Now what! You guessed it! We developed a line of Superior Earth Friendly Waterproofing products just for the outdoor enthusiasts that gives reliable protection for the safety of your family and mother nature!