Footwear Waterproofing Spray

Specifically formulated for shoes, and boots.

Superior results on

All footwear fabrics such as: Nylon, Polyester, Canvas, Suede and Leather.


473 ml. (16 fl oz.) covers 50-60 square feet per bottle.


Protect working surface and lay clean footwear flat.
Hold bottle 15-30 cm / 6-12 inches away from fabric.
Apply evenly to outside of footwear fabric.
Check carefully to ensure no areas have been missed.
Allow to fully dry before use.

Footwear Waterproofing Spray

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Size 473ml (16 oz)

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473 ml. (16 fl oz)

The Dry Guy

We, like you 16 years ago, demanded a quality waterproofing product for our camping equipment and continued outdoor enjoyment that did not contain aerosols, alcohol, or any other harsh chemicals.We could not find one environmental waterbased product. Now what! You guessed it! We developed a line of Superior Earth Friendly Waterproofing products just for the outdoor enthusiasts that gives reliable protection for the safety of your family and mother nature!