Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Apply?

Start with clean, dry fabric free of detergent residue.

Apply outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.

Suspend item to be treated to ensure complete coverage.

Test for colorfastness in small inconspicuous area.

Hold bottle 6-12 inches away from fabric.

Only mist the exposed side of your material. DO NOT SATURATE!

Spray until item is evenly wet, including seams.

Check carefully to ensure no areas have been missed.

Allow item to fully dry before using.

Test for waterproofing by sprinkling water on surface.

If protection is not sufficient, a second application may be necessary and is recommended.

2. How often do I need to reproof a garment or gear?

Dry Guy treatments are highly effective and long lasting. Items that are properly treated with an appropriate Dry Guy waterproofing will withstand 4 to 6 washes. For an average use of outdoor clothing we recommend that you wash and re-proof your gear at least once a year.

3. Is pre-washing really necessary?

Yes. We strongly recommend a pre-wash to remove dirt and any detergent residues that can prevent the waterproofing polymers from securely bonding to the fabric fibres. This helps maximize the performance and durability of waterproofing treatments. The last thing you want to do is waterproof over dirt!

4. Can I apply the spray on the garment if it is wet or damp?

Applying the spray to the clothing material slightly wet or damp will produce the same result as if the garment was completely dry before applying. The essential key to remember is that the fabric needs to be clean before applying the spray.

5. Do I need to heat activate in order for the proofing to work?

Air drying is recommended on all our products instructions.  However, the heat activation in a dryer method test results have demonstrated that the waterproofing is improved and there is no adverse effects as long as the temperature of 125 degrees is not exceeded (low temperature setting on dryer).

6. What does WaterBased mean?

We use water to "carry" the waterproofing ingredients in the product. Anywhere that water can get into your footwear or clothing then so can the waterproofing, ie. it targets leaks. Using water also means we are not using harmful chemical solvents. Our products are easy to use, and are completely safe for the user and the environment. WaterBased products are much more concentrated than others, therefore you get more waterproofing for your money.

7. Does the waterproofing treatments change the look and feel of clothing or fabric?

No. Dry Guy Waterproofing treatments do not change the colour, texture or feel of garments or fabric. Even on leather clothing it is safe to use Dry Guy to enhance the waterproof performance of leathers without impairing breathability as they do not contain harsh solvents that can harm the fabric.

8. Why do you need Dry Guy Fabric Wash?

Dry Guy Fabric Wash is specifically designed to revitalize the functional properties of the fabrics and materials that they are used on.

Breathable waterproof items always come pre-treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating that prevents the absorption of water into the material. DWR is compromised by dirt, or by cleaning with a conventional laundry detergent. Dirt attracts water and household detergents leave water attracting (hydrophilic) residues, leading to fabric 'wetting out' in wet or damp conditions. Dry Guy Fabric Wash for waterproof items clean water-repellent fabrics effectively and revitalize DWR by removing water-attractive dirt and detergent residues.

Base layers are designed to be worn next to the skin, providing user comfort by maintaining body temperature and controlling moisture. The fabrics used are highly wicking (they will spread moisture out over a large area), fast drying and breathable. It is therefore essential to maintain these properties when caring for base layers. Dry Guy Fabric Wash for base layers clean effectively and make the fabric surface especially water-attractive (hydrophilic), thereby improving its wicking ability and accelerating drying.

About Dryguy

The principals of Dry Guy Waterproofing products are long time enthusiasts of camping and outdoor sports who just got too frustrated with the lack of success with waterproof products being sold today.

Dry Guy Waterproofing eco-friendly breathable water repellant spray products for tents, backpacks, shoes, boots, horse blankets, technical fabrics, boat covers, awnings and many other applications. Dry Guy Fabric Tech Wash cleans and restores the technical qualities to performance fabrics including water repellency, breathability, and moisture-wicking. Restoring performance of high tech fabrics, including Gore-Tex®, Nylon, Polyester, Down, Insulation, Microfibers, Acrylic, and blends since 2010