Mold Protection

Dry Guy Waterproofing Canvas Tent

Dry Guy Waterproofing is water-based and dries odor-free and does not change the color, feel, or flexibility of the fabric.

Most people find that the majority of mold problems are resolved by nothing more than leaving their tent pitched in the sun for long enough. Sunlight eradicates mold causing bacteria, and it’s best never to let it begin growing. 



Tent Care Tips and Mold Prevention


A surefire way to guarantee the growth of mold is to store your tent without first allowing it to dry adequately. Any moisture left present while packing your tent away will result in it smelling horrible, at the least. Also, store your tent in a location which is cool and dry. You don’t want any moisture build-up at all. Here’s a handy checklist of factors to keep an eye on to prevent the formation of mold and mildew:

1. Do not machine wash your tent

2. Never scrub the underside of your tent, it can damage the waterproofing

3. Always rinse until all soapy residue is gone

4. Regardless of the treatment, air dry completely

5. Never using conventional cleaning detergents, use mild soaps such as hand soap only


Before cleaning your tent with any solution be sure to test its reaction on a very small section of the tent’s fabric. Be sure to pick a place which won’t affect the performance or the aesthetics of your camping tent.



About Dryguy

The principals of Dry Guy Waterproofing products are long time enthusiasts of camping and outdoor sports who just got too frustrated with the lack of success with waterproof products being sold today.

Dry Guy Waterproofing eco-friendly breathable water repellant spray products for tents, backpacks, shoes, boots, horse blankets, technical fabrics, boat covers, awnings and many other applications. Dry Guy Fabric Tech Wash cleans and restores the technical qualities to performance fabrics including water repellency, breathability, and moisture-wicking. Restoring performance of high tech fabrics, including Gore-Tex®, Nylon, Polyester, Down, Insulation, Microfibers, Acrylic, and blends since 2010