Outdoor Clothing Fabrics Waterproofing Spray - 16 oz / 473.1 ml

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Specifically formulated for backpacks, duffel bags, and hiking gear that has to withstand the abuse of hiking and camping in harsh weather conditions.


Recommended for Gore-Tex®, eVent®, and all outdoor waterproof fabrics such as: Nylon, Polyester, and Canvas.


473 ml. (16 fl oz.) covers 50-60 square feet per bottle.


Protect working surface and lay clean garment flat and zip up all zippers. Hold bottle 15-30 cm / 6-12 inches away from fabric. Apply evenly to outside of fabric. Check carefully to ensure no areas have been missed. Allow to dry fully before use.

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Size473ml (16 oz)

The Dry Guy Waterproofing proprietary formula has been developed with the utmost care to provide
an effective water repellent treatment without utilizing traditional chemicals which can be harmful not
only to the environment but also to the personal health and safety for you and your family. Water is the sole
dilutant in our water repellent products, avoiding the use of harmful solvents or alcohols with potential are
and explosion hazards. There are no PFOA , PFOS, nonylphenol-ethoxylates, glycol ethers or hazardous
air pollutant substances (HAPS) used in the formulation. The ingredients which we incorporate meets the goals of the US EPA Stewardship Program.

About Dryguy

The principals of Dry Guy Waterproofing products are long time enthusiasts of camping and outdoor sports who just got too frustrated with the lack of success with waterproof products being sold today.

Dry Guy Waterproofing eco-friendly breathable water repellant spray products for tents, backpacks, shoes, boots, horse blankets, technical fabrics, boat covers, awnings and many other applications. Dry Guy Fabric Tech Wash cleans and restores the technical qualities to performance fabrics including water repellency, breathability, and moisture-wicking. Restoring performance of high tech fabrics, including Gore-Tex®, Nylon, Polyester, Down, Insulation, Microfibers, Acrylic, and blends since 2010