Breathability: Why it’s important for your horse’s health and comfort

Breathability: Why it’s important for your horse’s health and comfort

When trying to choose the right blanket for your horse, there are as many options as there are types of weather. Of course much of the decision making process has to do with the individual horse, its coat, age, health, and what type of shelter it has access to. Trying to find the right level of coverage to keep a horse perfectly comfortable no matter what’s going on with the weather is a constant challenge.

There’s one consistently important issue that is crucial to a horse’s health, comfort, and overall well-being that should be at the top of a caretaker’s list of concerns. Breathability is an often misunderstood term, and getting it wrong means trouble for your horse.

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A good quality horse blanket should be waterproof to keep the animal warm, dry, and comfortable in nearly any weather. Without breathability, the blanket creates a greenhouse environment that keeps the horse’s perspiration from evaporating. If you’ve ever been outside during a rain storm in head to toe rain gear, you can appreciate the importance of having a breathable layer of clothing between your skin and the waterproof outer layer. You know how uncomfortable it is to have nylon or plastic next to your skin in wet conditions.

Strategic seam placement in horse blankets helps minimize the amount of water that seeps through from outside. Some blankets have reinforced or taped seams, as well. Ideally, the blanket will keep your horse dry and protected from the weather while also offering a moisture wicking layer of breathable fabric on the inside that allows humidity created by the horse to pass through instead of building up. A lined or filled blanket is a good choice for cold weather. It helps to keep the horse’s perspiration off of its coat even during heavy rain when moisture from the outside fills the fabric pores.

Silicone waterproofing sprays will create a waterproof surface when properly applied, but they do not offer any degree of breathability so they aren’t safe or appropriate for horse blankets. A waterproof blanket that is not breathable may cause the horse to overheat, even in mild or cool weather. Cheap blankets often have a non-breathable membrane which is a serious concern. Even in cold weather condensation created by the difference between the temperature outside the blanket and the temperature under the blanket can cause a horse discomfort and illness.


Dry Guy Waterproofing Horseblankets & Pet Aparrel Spray is a water based liquid concentrate that offers excellent protection from rain and snow while allowing the fabric pores to release condensation. This formula also offer protection from stains and mold. In addition to offering a breathable waterproofing alternative to silicone sprays, Dry Guy Waterproofing does not contain any heavy solvents and is safe for the environment. To find out more about why Dry Guy Waterproofing is the perfect choice for waterproofing horse blankets without reducing breathability, go ahead and contact us today.

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