Canvas Tent Maintenance

Canvas Tent Maintenance

A well cared for canvas tent can provide a lifetime of camping fun. Canvas tents are often much more expensive than nylon tents and should be cared for to ensure the investment lasts a long time. Canvas tents are extremely durable and thus generally require minimal maintenance.  A properly maintained canvas tent will provide shelter for years to come.

    1. The most important maintenance you can do on your tent is to hang it out to dry before storing it for an extended period. Condensation and any other dampness in the fabric will ruin the tent if not eliminated before storage. Hang your tent from a deck, over a fence or across a few patio chairs in direct sunlight to remove any dampness left over from your camping trip. It is recommended that you use a ground cover when camping to limit the amount of condensation that builds up on the tent. 


    2. Rips or holes in the canvas often will be covered under a warranty, so be sure to check with the manufacturer. If not under warranty rips or holes can be patched by sewing a small piece of canvas over the damaged area. Waterproof treatment should be applied to the patch to ensure the tent is watertight.


    3. Some tents will require annual waterproofing treatment. Be sure to consult your user manual for directions specific to your tent. Treating some tents with waterproofing solutions could result in decreasing the breathability. Many manufactures will also suggest a particular product that has a long track record of working with your tent.


    4. Proper storage is an important component of maintaining your tent. Select a dry and cool spot for your tent to ensure mildew is not an issue. Store your canvas tent off the ground to avoid any problems with rodents. The warm canvas and smell of campfire are both attributes which will attract rodents. Consider storing your tent in a sturdy bag to help discourage rodents and avoid potential problems with water damage.


    5. Avoid using soap when cleaning your tent. Soap can reduce the waterproofing capabilities of your tent. To clean use a garden hose and wipe with a cloth. Once done cleaning allow the tent to dry in the sun before packing for storage.


Canvas tents are durable and generally will last a longtime when cared for properly. Protect your investment by following these simple guidelines. Always be sure to consult the user manual that came with your tent to avoid performing any maintenance that will void the manufactures warranty.

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