How to Maintain Your Camping Tent?

How to Maintain Your Camping Tent?

Camping is a great way to enjoy a holiday. Taking good care of your tent and camping gear can ensure that you always experience good times. Here are some maintenance tips that will keep your shelter as good as new with years of use:



    • While packing make sure your tent is never bunched up or packed when wet as this can attract fungus and damage the material. The seams and material must be completely dry before storing.
    • The best way to pack is fold it loosely. Dismantle the poles before storing them separately. Storage should always be in a cool dry place since fluctuating temperatures affect the fabric coating.
    • Avoid using aerosols or lighting matches when you are inside or near the tent. Doing so could cause leakage.
    • Fold the fabric, especially in large 7 man tents, with different creases each time to avoid pleats that end up cracking the material and destroy the waterproofing.
    • If your camping site was close to the sea, wash thoroughly to get rid of the salt to avoid corrosion marks.

Remember to always clean before storing as any dirt will damage it. The fungus build up in an 8 man tent can cause a stink you can never get rid of, even as it destroys the polyurethane layer resulting in leakages.

Camping gear made of canvas material, when damp can also develop mildew. To avoid this, sun dry thoroughly and apply a cleaner and make sure it dries before folding and storing.

Cleaning Tips

    • Do not use detergents or wash in a washing machine. The ideal way to clean is to make a mild detergent solution and use a sponge dipped in it to wipe down the 5 man tent.
    • Washing in cold water by hand is also acceptable.
    • Never wash with hot water or use bleach and stain removers. If there are spots, apply talcum powder to dislodge so that it does not stick to another part of the fabric.
    • While drying, to protect the fabric from the harsh sun rays which can weaken and fade it, hang it up in the shade or on the line.Do not machine dry.

Taking Care of Your Tent Accessories Poles are responsible for support and must be well maintained.

Apply a coat of lubricant periodically on the surface to ensure smooth fitting.

All zippers must be lubricated to keep them from freezing and getting stuck.

Ensure that any food stuff is cleaned off the fabric thoroughly as this can attract pests and animals while camping.

Clean up after every camping trip. If you carry stoves and lanterns be very careful while using them near the tent.

Try and use battery operated equipment as far as possible. Before you start using your tent, waterproof the seams with seam sealer.

Good ventilation will avoid moisture build up. Invest in a quality ground cover to minimize fraying and damage by direct contact with the ground.

This will also keep your gear dry while adding an extra layer to comfort when you sleep in it at night. Your camping gear is a great investment. Protect it.

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