Ten Essentials of Hiking and Winter Camping

Ten Essentials of Hiking and Winter Camping

Anytime you head out for an outdoor adventure it's important to be prepared for changing weather conditions and the possibility that something could go wrong. The best way to be prepared in the outdoors is to carry the ten essentials of hiking and camping on every trip. In winter conditions, the need for these items can be even more important.

The Ten Essentials of Hiking and Winter Camping

  1. Map and Compass - and the knowledge of how to use them.
  2. Shelter - A tent, tarp or other form of shelter.
  3. Sun protection - sunscreen, sunglasses and or a hat.
  4. Extra Layers - for changing weather conditions.
  5. Light - flashlights, headlamp and batteries.
  6. First Aid Kit - with all the essentials to care for common accidents and ailments.
  7. Water Purification - a filter, tablets, SteriPEN or the ability to boil water.
  8. Fire Starter - a lighter, strike stick and something to light.
  9. Knife or Multi-tool - for a variety of uses.
  10. Food - bring plenty of food and snacks to sustain you through a night or many more hours in the outdoors.

The above Ten Essentials of Hiking apply to your adventures year-round but obviously you'll want to be aware of the current weather and the surroundings that you'll be in. During the winter you'll want to be sure and bring enough extra layers to keep you warm through the night, a reliable fire starter and extra fuel for melting snow.

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