The forecast calls for rain during the upcoming El Nino winter

The forecast calls for rain during the upcoming El Nino winter

Go camping anyway!

As El Nino furnishes parts of North America with a bit of autumn weather drama, many campers, fishermen, hikers, and hunters are sacrificing time outside in favor of the safety and security of their homes. But for these dedicated outdoorsmen, promises of an upcoming mild winter translate to more time close to nature.

According to Mike Halpers, deputy director of the NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, “A strong El Nino is in place and should exert a strong influence over our weather this winter.” The current climate cycle coming from the western tropical Pacific Ocean offers a cooler than average winter in the southern United States and a warmer than average winter in the Northern United States and Canada. Precipitation in the southern states may rank in the upper third of winters between 1981 and 2010. This is good news for outdoor enthusiasts in most regions of North America. For folks on the west coast looking forward to spending extra time outside this winter, waterproofing important gear is crucial.

During a camping trip or hiking adventure, rain is often an unpleasant occurrence that comes and goes without regard for human comfort. Be sure to pack for rain, even if the forecast promises perfectly clear skies. Remember to thoroughly waterproof all bags, jackets, and hiking gear before packing. Footwear that resists rain and snow offers comfort and safety when the skies open up to present a surprise storm and the camp site is still miles away.

Be sure to pack a few small plastic bags and several large trash bags to use around a camping site during a rain event to keep the fire wood and kindling dry. Large 2 ½ gallon Ziploc bags hold a lot of gear, and are a foolproof way to keep moisture away from any electronics while they are stored in a backpack. Waterproofing your tent will make a night out in the rain easier to manage. It will also extend the life of the tent by offering a stain and UV resistant barrier.

During a rain storm that lasts throughout the day, a few large waterproof tarps serve as sanity savers. Set them up over the eating area and create a space away from the main area to give fellow campers some much-needed space as an alternative to spending time in smaller tents.

Staying dry may not be an option, but staying warm certainly is a worthy goal. Dress smart by avoiding cotton and down. Choose synthetics and take advantage of any break in the storm to adjust tarps and tents or make small repairs around the camp site.

Hikers on the move may prefer a high quality waterproof poncho for breathability as opposed to a rain suit. Draped over lightweight nylon clothing, a waterproof poncho may mean the difference between enjoying a rainy adventure and barely surviving the most uncomfortable hike ever.

For people who love being outside, a little rain in the forecast does not equal a cancelled camping or hiking trip. Pack carefully, and plan to go adventure seeking in spite of El Nino’s shenanigans.


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